Warsheet I happy to announce the release of Warsheet!
Warsheet is an Automated Spreadsheet Generation Tool. Check it out at

Warsheet was designed to be the easiest and most effective spreadsheet out there today. It provides all information that is needed for war. Please take a look at our demo sheet, it will show you the Mobster Name, Level, Bounty, Cash, Health, Stamina, ID, Current Death & Kill Counts. Also Includes xat integration and war room alerts.This sheet even has the ability to kill all your targets for you via the NEW mass murder tool!


    * Easy Control Interface – Add, Update, Delete Targets with ease.
    * Target Priority – Sort and rank your targets from High to Low
    * Real Time Stats – Know your enemies Cash, Health, Stamina and more
    * Mass Murder Tool – Auto Hitlist Every Target on your Warsheet!
    * Auto Updates – Updates Mobster Name, Level, Bounty & Deaths
    * Backup Wars – Save & Reload Current or Previous Wars
    * War Alerts – Send Announcements Messages to your family and Allies
    * Target Notes – Add Info About each Target
    * Xat Integration – Include Your Xat as part of your warsheet
    * 2 Versions – Choose Between two different formats with all the same features







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  1. Maurice Avatar

    After the release of the Mass Murder Tool We may be implementing another feature two pages for your warsheet. So it would be possible to have 2 wars at once.

    Only problem with implementing this is all your previously saved wars will need to be deleted. Because this is still early it may be something in the near future. I will start writing and beta testing.

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